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As our climate shifts, natural resource professionals are beginning to focus their experience and creativity on ways to respond to changing conditions.

The National Park Service (NPS) Southeast Utah Group (SEUG), U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), Northern Arizona University (NAU), and the Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science (NIACS) are offering a Climate Adaptation Workshop. This is a continuation of the climate adaptation workshops held over the past 3 years as we move from assessing vulnerabilities to climate change to developing management options. 

Science Webinar

We will be hosting an initial one-hour virtual science webinar where we will get updates from USGS on the vulnerabilities posed by climate change in the grasslands in your Parks on Thursday, June 17 @ 10-11 AZ / 11-12 MTThis webinar is open to anyone who is interested. Please feel free to extend the invitation or email Molly McCormick to be added to the webinar. 

Adaptation Workshop 

The results of this science webinar will provide information for a workshop in August. This 3-part workshop series includes hands-on training in considering climate change information and identifying adaptation actions and an opportunity to pilot a new “Menu of Adaptation Strategies and Approaches” for arid drylands and grasslands on the Colorado Plateau. 

Workshop dates and times:
August 23 @ 9 -12 AZ / 10 -1 MT
August 25 @ 9 - 12 AZ / 10 - 1 MT
August 30 @ 1 - 4 AZ / 2 - 5 MT
Please plan on attending the webinar and all three days of the workshop. 

Workshop Goals

Specifically, this hands-on training will:

  • Discuss information on the current and anticipated effects of climate change to grasslands in National Parks across the Colorado Plateau;
  • Describe resources and tools that can be used to integrate climate change into resource conservation and management;
  • Test a new Adaptation Menu of Strategies & Approaches for Colorado Plateau Arid Grasslands; and
  • Identify adaptation actions that can be incorporated into current and future NPS planning projects. 

Register for the August workshop here. 


Next steps

We are requesting participants to bring a real-world land management project to this course. We ask that everyone sketches out their project idea using our Step 1 worksheet. We will provide feedback on the project once we review it.

Please download the Project Worksheet here. 

Once it is complete, please email the worksheet to Molly McCormick, Martha Sample, or Courtney Peterson at (,, or 

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