There is not a single solution for how to adapt to climate change.

Every manager and landowner has different goals, information needs, and tolerance for risk. Our team works side-by-side with people across the land management community to help them consider how climate change may affect their lands and what options they have for responding to changing conditions.

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Climate change introduces uncertainty about future conditions, which creates additional challenges for land owners and natural resource managers who are interested in sustaining healthy forests over the long term. Our approach is designed to help managers adapt to climate change by providing important information about the interactions of climate change and ecosystems, and then supporting land managers as they integrate climate considerations into their management. 

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Technical Expertise

Do you have a question about climate change and land management? Our team of climate adaptation specialists are some of the most experienced professionals in the field. Find out more about our work related to:

Education and Training

Climate change is a tricky issue, a wicked problem. We believe that the best way to we can help land managers learn about such a tough subject is to provide them with hands-on opportunities to work on real-world projects. Our Adaptation Workbook provides a process to plan and prepare for climate change, and we provide a variety of workshops and trainings to help people explore this too. We also provide a wide variety of resources relevant to specific regions and topics.