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Asheville, NC: Renaissance Hotel, 31 Woodfin Street

About this course

This workshop provides environmental professionals with hands-on training on incorporating climate change information into natural resources management.  Participant groups* will bring their own management project to the workshop and will walk through the Adaptation Workbook process to develop project-level adaptation actions. These climate-informed actions can then be included in existing planning documents like Integrated Natural Resource Management Plans (INRMPs). At the end of the training, participants will be able to:

  • Identify climate change impacts that pose the greatest challenges and opportunities for achieving project objectives.
  • Develop actionable steps to address the effects of climate change on a focal ecosystem or project area.
  • Develop actions to monitor the effectiveness of these adaptation actions.
  • Connect the dots to tell a clear story about how the project uses climate adaptation to achieve project objectives.

Who should attend?

Army National Guard natural and cultural resources managers, GIS managers and their partners who work in a variety of different ecosystem types, for example forests, forested watersheds, wetlands, and coastal ecosystems. Climate vulnerability information will be targeted to the southeastern U.S. however participants working in the eastern U.S. more broadly may be able to join if space is available. 

*Participants are highly encouraged to register in groups of 2-5 people to collectively work on a project.

How do I register?

Interested individuals and teams can register here. During the registration process, we will ask you to submit a preliminary idea for a project you will bring to the course (one project per group). These projects can be standard management projects, for example pulled from a current INRMP. We will review your preliminary project information and connect with you on any adjustments to make for the workshop, and contact you with logistical details, a hotel registration link, and any other relevant materials. 

Register here

Important dates and deadlines

January 31st, 2022: Due date for course registration

March 23rd, 2022: Participate in a webinar to discuss regional climate changes and what to bring to the workshop: 10-11:30am ET (1.5 hours).

March 28th or earlier: Download the Forest Adaptation Resources. Read the Introduction (pgs. 1-9) and scan the Adaptation Workbook (Chapter 5, pgs. 74-89).

March 28th or earlier: Finalize Step #1 of the Adaptation Workbook by submitting goals and objectives for a project that you are working on (this can be done with a project partner or group).

By April 12th: Review Background materials:

  • Modules on climate change science and ecosystem impacts (as needed):
  • Other reading on climate change impacts and vulnerabilities for your region (TBD)
Co-hosts and collaborators

This workshop is hosted by the North Carolina National Guard, and organized by the Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science and the USDA Northern Forests Climate Hub.

Please contact Kristen Schmitt and Danielle Shannon with any questions on this training or the registration process.

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